Sunraysia Five Star

Sunraysia Five Star is a family run, Australian-owned business with a proud history and a dedication to keep bringing natural and delicious juices to discerning consumers.

Simple. Natural. Delicious.

First Class in Fruit Juice.

Our Story
Our Philosophy
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Our Story

In the 1990s, our founder Dan Presser, who is himself an advocate of fresh food and rich flavour, set about creating a range of superior quality juices in response to the luxury hospitality industry needing the very best you can buy for their juice needs.

For nearly twenty years, Sunraysia Five Star has been dedicated to source, produce, and distribute the best tasting natural juice and drink products in the marketplace​. No expense has been spared in terms of the ingredients, processing and of course presentation to achieve our goal and we hope the result speaks for itself.

As a testimony to the high-quality standards of the Sunraysia Five Star juices, our exclusive clientele includes some of the finest hospitality establishments in the world such as luxury hotels and resorts, Michelin star restaurants, first and business class airport lounges of selected airlines, private jets, and private member clubs.

Today, Sunraysia Five Star finds a place in more than 30 countries and destinations across the world and growing.  

Our Philosophy
Pear & Apple

Our Philosophy

Sunraysia Five Star’s simple philosophy is to provide discerning consumers the best tasting 100% natural juice experience they have ever had.

(If our customers don’t agree then we have not done our job).

Passion and attention to detail is what Sunraysia Five Star swears by, and our commitment is visible in our range of unique flavours that has consistently improved over the years to cater the needs of the luxury hospitality industry globally.



The right fruit

We spend a lot of time sourcing fruit varieties that will deliver the best tasting juices.

From Tropical North Queensland Australia for our Kensington Pride mangoes to Costa Rica for our sweet Maui Gold Pineapples, our team selected what we believe is the best variety of fruit for each seven juices of our range.

We mostly use a single variety of fruit that has been specially grown for us each season.  All our crops have full traceability right down to the areas on the farms where our crops are grown and are field grown in the sun and natural soil and not in a greenhouse.

Special care and attention is paid to each piece of fruit that goes into our juices, that’s why we select what we call first-picked fruits – eating quality fruits – allowing the pure fruit profile to be captured and expressed in all our juices.

Like grapes and wine, fruits and juice quality can change from season to season, from farm to farm, dependent on the weather conditions. Our dedicated team always keep abreast of these developments to ensure we continue to deliver delicious juices year after year.

Preserving integrity and quality over time

All our Sunraysia Five Star juices are vacuum fresh sealed into the glass bottle. The fact that we use glass means that we can pasteurise the juice and fill the bottle while the juice is hot and vacuum seal it before cooling it. This is one of the unique properties of glass that allows us to have no preservatives and attain a two-year shelf life from date of manufacture on all our juices.

Locations and

Global Distribution Partners

Thanks to a strong distribution partner network, Sunraysia Five Star is available in more than 30 destinations throughout the world including Australia, Cambodia, the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Los Cabos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, the Seychelles, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.
Distribution Partners

Sunraysia Five Star is committed to


When sourcing our fruits in Australia, sustainability is considered an inclusive responsibility, involving the supplier (grower), Processor & Customer. This is an ongoing process of improvement Sunraysia Five Star is committed to. Our fruit growers use drip irrigation, which minimises water wastage, waste pulp from processing is reused as stock feed, and waste from harvesting is cultivated back into the soils as organic matter.

As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, an organisation committed to achieving sustainable packaging practises, Sunraysia Five Star is committed to improving the choice of our packaging materials to limit their impacts on our environment.  Our glass bottles are made from 40% recycled materials, and we are targeting to achieve 50% by 2025.

Our Company has been awarded the highest rating “Beyond Best Practice” by APCO for 2023.