Sunraysia uses only Kensington Pride Mangoes grown in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Kensington Pride is grown throughout Australia’s subtropical and tropical regions and is the most popular mango variety in Australia. It has been known under several different names, including Bowen, Bowen Special or Kensington. The variety was first discovered in Bowen, North Queensland, but is thought to have originated as a seed imported on a shipping line from India.

Sunraysia Five Star Mango
Mango juice bottle

Premium Mango Juice

Juice Profile

— Floral and sweet in flavour, smooth and light texture on the palate.
— 1 whole Mango in every 250ml bottle.
— Made from puree, not from concentrate.
— No Preservatives.
— No Artificial Colours Flavours or Sweeteners.

Discover our range

Discover Our Range

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