Sunraysia Five Star uses only the finest Packham Pears sourced from Australia’s most pristine orchards.

Packham Pears were originally developed in the region of Molong, New South Wales, Australia in the late 1800’s, by Charles Packham. A cross between William’s Pear and St Germain pears, Packham pears are juicy and smooth with a naturally sweet flavour.

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Premium Pear Juice

Juice Profile

— Smooth with a lot of texture, like biting in a real pear, typical of sweet fresh pear with a slight apple note.
— 1.5 whole Pear in every 250ml bottle.
— Made from puree, not from concentrate.
— No Preservatives.
— No Artificial Colours Flavours or Sweeteners.

Discover our range

Discover Our Range

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