Sunraysia uses only 100% Valencia Oranges from our orchard in the Murray Valley area of New South Wales, Australia.

Valencia orange trees are grown in sub-tropical areas around the world. The fruit is sweet with excellent quality juice and pulp, making it one of the most popular orange varieties in the world.

Valencia Oranges are known to be some of the best oranges for juicing. They deliver some of the best flavour and texture, are juicier and do not turn bitter when stored.

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Juice Profile

— Like an authentic freshly squeezed Valencia orange with pulp, light in texture with a sweet tangy back note.
— Minimal processing: juiced and bottled within 7day.
— Whole orange except pips and peel are used.
— Not from concentrate, pulp not removed.
— No Preservatives, No Added Sugar.
— No Artificial Colours Flavours or Sweeteners.

Discover our range

Discover Our Range

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